Where am How did I get here? William asked himself in shock and disbelief. Dust filled the air, things seemed strange, the plantation looked different, there was nobody to be seen, just vegetation. William had fallen asleep in the woodland near his home, he did not recall waking up.” Am I still asleep? this is too real to be a dream!” William looked around, thinking he must have been taken to this place, or he had suffered some form of amnesia. This place was nothing like he had ever seen before, the trees where different, species that he could not recognise, and very exotic looking plants and flowers, even the colour of the sky was rich with colour, he could even see shades of green in the atmosphere. “something must be wrong with me, or my eyesight, this is not real!” William walked towards a stream and splashed his face with water. “this is very real!” he smiled in shock, “this is amazing! It is like I’m in a different world,” William could not believe his eyes, everything was so different and new, he felt like a small child experiencing everything for the first time, he touched and felt the textures of the plants that surrounded him. He looked up, and in disbelief, there as clear as day was a planet with rings surrounding it. “this cannot be earth,” William sat down on a rock in disbelief, he was breathing heavily, in a state of panic, William proceeded to hit his face, attempting to wake himself up but it was not working. “how is this possible,” it’s like I am in some sort of parallel universe!” William could see what looked like mountains, but they were hollow, like the craters you see on the moon, however they were filled with vegetation. William closed his eyes, and wished himself back to the woodland near his house, and he saw himself, still lying there, asleep next to the river. “so I am asleep!” but this was unlike any dream he had ever had before, he was aware he was sleeping, and he could feel his surroundings with such intensity. “this is more than just a dream, I really am here, in two places at one time.” It was like Williams consciousness had split of and there was a completely new him now existing on this far away planet. “have I always been here?” William saw trails, they looked like they had been built by humans, he followed one of the trails, he could see houses off in the distance, the most modern looking houses he had ever come across, they seemed to be made of glass. He nervously approached these buildings. “ah, William, we have been expecting you,” a tall man with a moustache said to him. “I am Alvin, we have been waiting for your arrival,” “I have no idea what you mean.” William replied in shock. “can you remember, a few months ago you attended a shamanic healing?” “yes I do” William said abruptly, “can you remember what the shaman said to you?” the tall man questioned. “he said, that I was chosen to be a part of a change, only those who had high intuition and who had reached a high level of awakening would be a part of this.” William pondered for a moment. “this is it, before I fell asleep I was meditating, and I had a horrible vision, it was of war and destruction. “yes William, that vision was you accessing the future of earth, the shock and disbelief made us know it was time for you to come here. This is the new world, we have known about bilocation for a long time, and in that meditation you wanted peace, so that is what we gave you.” “whoa, well right now this is not peace.” He said in shock. “William, imagine anything, anything you want right now, I want you to imagine it there in front of you. William wanted to contact his family, he imagined a phone, then right there before his eyes like a hazy hologram coming into focus, it appeared, a phone. “wow!” he said in shock. “in this world you can manifest anything you want, just with our conscious thought, and what may I ask will you use that for? “to ring home!” William replied. “you are in another dimension William, you cannot access the dimension you have just come from using a telephone, it is impossible. I think I should tell you more. This place was created by human consciousness. It is a manifestation of yours and many others dreams. This conscious intent has been so concentrated and so real that it has manifested into reality, one that we can exist within as a physical being.’ “how is that possible?” “it is the way the universe works, we all manifest, we did it back on earth, but here, it is instantaneous. We are on a much higher frequency here, things are lighter, it takes very little intent to manifest your dreams. But you must be careful to watch your thoughts, you don’t know what may appear in your reality.” William pondered for a moment, he stared at a rock in front of him. “very smart”, Alvin chuckled as a unicorn galloped away from William. “this is cool!” William smiled. “now be careful, these powers are strong, they can be both constructive and very destructive, use them wisely.”

William thought to himself, this is far more incredible than he imagined anything could be. Alvin walked up to William, “this world is no joke, it is very real, and the powers we possess can cause great harm and destruction when in the wrong hands. Remember if you are angry and you imagine doing something hurtful with that anger, it will happen, in reality, this is why we only allow a select few to enter this world.” William looked worried, as he did Alvin began to yell at him and as quick as a flash he was back by the river , then he flashed back infront of Alvin. “see how powerful our minds are William. Tomorrow we have a meditation class, it is a tool we use to allow our thoughts to float by without investing our energy in them, when we invest energy in a thought it gives it power to become real, you will start your training tomorrow. Williams stomach rumbled, “where to get food? Oh yeh.” William chuckled to himself, he imagined a meal he loved back at home, stuffed peppers, and then they appeared in front of him, like a tv searching for signal it fizzled into reality and solid form. He sat down in a spot in the woodland to eat, whilst he experimented with his powers, he moved the planet that could be seen across the sky, then Alvin appeared in front of him, “William that is very very foolish,” “but this is so difficult,” William replied. “I think we should start meditation classes tonight,” Alvin said. “Yes I agree,” William anxiously replied. William started to realise how powerful his mind was. “so i can manifest anything with any thought”questioned william, “yes” said alvin. “so to begin with we need to pay attention to our emotions, emotions such as love and fear are very powerful, the emotions behind our thoughts are strong indicators that our thoughts will manifest into our reality.” alvin said in an all knowing voice. “ok, that makes sense, however, sometimes my emotions are so strong and i don't know how to stop that.” william said in a panicky way. as holograms of people fighting started to fizzle in and out of existence around him, “breathe” alvin calmly replied. “william looked scared as his thoughts began to spiral. “think of something you love” alvin replied. william thought for a minute, then a puppy appeared, “well done”alvin replied. “chester, chester, this is my dog chester.” william smiled and pet the dog. “there is a lot of training you will need to do, and a lot of looking into the depths of your own psyche to make this a safe place for you to be. I know you have already embarked on this journey, this is why you are here,” said alvin in a well spoken voice. “yes I knew about this on earth, but now…. now it seems so much more real.” replied william.

“tomorrow we will begin, we call it soul searching and it is not easy. you will have to delve deep into the darkest most painful places in your mind and uncover the emotions, you must, like the alchemist transform those emotions into a higher frequency such as the frequency of joy or love. this will stop the fears in you manifesting in front of you, sometimes our fears are so deep and buried in the subconscious that we have no recollection that they are there. however here, you will be forced to look at them, you will be bumping up agains them twenty four seven until you resolve these, you will meet the rest of the students tomorrow, they are all very much like you, they are here to build a better future, but this work comes from within william.”alvin walked to a room in the glass building, “why is it all glass?” william questioned. so we can see into the outside world what we are manifesting, it can be too dangerous not to know.” alvin looked into the corner of the room and a bed appeared, william then looked at the bed and silk bed sheets appeared. “well done william, time to get some sleep.” william layed on the bed and slowly drifted off, then suddenly his eyes opened. he was back by the river. “was that a dream?” william thought to himself.”it couldn't have been. william proceeded to walk home, it was day time back on earth, william felt full of energy. he went back home and pulled out an old journal, he began to write down the experience he just had. it felt so real, he knew this was more than just dream, something happened to him when he fell asleep next to the river, he felt like he had embarked on a journey. however william felt lost, he knew he was in training for something, but what about his vision of earth “I cannot just create a wonderful life in that dimension and leave earth in tatters.” william thought to himself, “you are learning,” a voice said to william, it was alvin voice. william scratched his head, thinking he must be going mad, he tried to stay grounded and proceeded to write in his journal about ways he could teach others, however so little people knew about the power of our thought. “how can i get this message across so they will believe me? il write a book he thought.” the day passed, and he was tired. he walked over to the bed and lay down and slowly shut his eyes. then suddenly, like a flash, his eyes opened, he could see alvin in the corner of the room. he was back in the other dimension. “how is this happening?” william said in a panicky voice. “your intention is so strong to make earth a better place, you will travel here every time you are sleeping on earth.” alvin replied.

“we have training to do.” alvin said with a smile on his face. “firstly you will be given a day to explore, you will come across many things on your journey, good and bad, and some in-between, I want you to take a journal and write down everything you see.” spoke alvin. “ok” said william, like he had nothing to worry about. william set off out of the glass building clutching his journal, flowers started appearing around him and the sun rose in the sky at a faster rate than normal. “wow this is amazing” william said whilst smiling to himself. He brushed his hand through the flowers whilst walking along a path. then william had a flashback of his vision, suddenly the flowers around him started to welter, they weltered and dried in the sun then began to burn, soon alvin was surrounded by a blaze of fire. willaim quickly remembered what he learned from alvin, “think of something I love, something I love” william couldn't think clearly, then he remembered being in the rain on a hot humid day, rain started to fall from the sky and the fire went out, he imagined the sun and the soil feeding the greenery around him and the flowers began to grow and bloom in front of him. “I know what i need to do, I need to sit with the fear for long enough that it dissolves, or else I will manifest destruction.” william wrote this down in his journal, and then proceeded to walk back to the glass building. when he got there he was met with a group of people, all very different in nature, some with dreadlocks and loose clothing, others wearing suits. they all seemed to be innovators, free thinkers, with very different backgrounds. they all sat in a circle and shared their experience of the day, as they had all had a day exploring and recording their journeys.

then alvin spoke abruptly, “right, now its time”, then everybody sat in apprehension of what alvin was going to say next, “time for what?” william thought to himself, slightly nervous and worried. “it is time to soul search”, continued Alvin. “we cannot let our fears manifest into reality, but to do this we must transform our fears into a higher emotion, we can only do this by fully embracing our fears, then like the alchemist we must transform them.” alvin sat on a chair, everyone looked confused, apart from Alvin of course. They all looked at one and other curiously, then they started to ask Alvin questions. a man in a suit started to speak, “well I am confused,” he said lowering his eyebrows, “if we embrace our fears surely they will manifest. “yes you are right, peter,” alvin replied to the suited man. “This is why we are inside, to keep us safe, and also why this time is our training, it is an experimental phase we must embark to prepare ourselves for the future we want to create, now I need you to think of some fears, some things we do not want to create.” william quickly raised his hand and spoke, “ war! the war I saw in my vision in my shamanic ceremony.” william said. “yes william, that is a very powerful fear, it can be very dangerous to transform this fear but it is something we must do for the very survival of the future of our world.” alvin took in a deep breath then proceeded to speak. “To do this firstly you must completely feel this fear, allow it to consume your thoughts and emotions,then think of where this fear stemmed from.” “yes, I remember seeing an old war video at school,” William replied. “well done william, this is the core of the fear, transform this memory and you transform the fear for a better reality,”alvin all knowingly replied. “think of when you experienced this memory, let the experience fully take over, then as soon as you see this coming into manifestation before your eyes, you must as quickly as you can dismantle the manifestation with your mind and recreate a better reality,” alvin proceeded to speak, “it is all about timing, you must, and I mean must, dismantle the manifestation before it fully manifests or it can be very dangerous.” alvin looked at his students, he paused, then spoke in a firm voice, “right we will start with something small.” a girl called amber quickly spoke, “ I'm scared of spiders,” she sat staring at the floor envisioning a time when she was small, when a spider crawled up her arm, she started to see it fizzling in like a faint image at first getting stronger and stronger, in her minds eye she envisioned a chrysalis wrapping around the spider, then instead of a spider, a beautiful blue butterfly emerged from a chrysalis, then the butterfly became more and more solid, and became real and flew around the room. “perfect,” said alvin, whist clapping his hands, “nicely done, you have now transformed your core memory, now it should not manifest in your reality again….’ alvin paused, then chuckled, “well you will get butterflies, just butterflies,” then alvin walked into the room next door then returned clutching a pile of journals, he proceeded to hand them out to each student. “now I want you to start small, working on your fears, you can use the outside world as a reference point as your fears will be manifesting outside this building for you to see, i want you to record what you are doing, so we create a log of fears we have transformed and fears that you are yet to transform. I wish you luck, you may begin.”