1. Your psychic ability can be compared to a radio receiver which first has to be switched on and second has to be tuned in so it can receive understandable messages. In order to do use this ability you must practice continually.

If you have been told you have a psychic ability the questions that need to be asked are:
1.when you walk into a room for the first time can you sense or feel the atmosphere or energy, for example is it a stressful of happy room, you know you can feel it without knowing, this is sometimes described as an ambience, this is you psychic telling you about the type of room you have entered.
2.when you are introduced to a stranger do you create an opinion of the type of person they are? Within minutes your psychic determines whether you are drawn to this person, feel a suspicious feeling about this person, a feeling as to what general mood the person is in. Have you felt uncomfortable or comfortable meeting someone for the first time? This is your psychic giving you information.
3.do you sometimes think of someone and within a short period of time they telephone you or you bump into them?
4. Have you ever dreamed out someone and something happened to them which happened in that dream?
5.have you ever experienced deja Vue. For example visiting a new place and feeling like you have been there before?
6. Do you get gut feeling that things will happen and they do happen?
7. Have you ever anticipated an event before it happens, for example knowing who is going to win a game of cards, or someone will do well at work despite the odds being stacked against them?

Psyche is feeling not seeing. Its about what you sense and feel, not what you see.

An exercise where four different locations are visited is:
Visit four separate locations for example 1.an old building for example a church.
2. A modern building(less than 5 years old)
3. A pre war building(for example 1920s to 1930s)
4. A post war building (for example 1950s to 1940s)
Take a piece of paper and for each setting write headings. location, date and description.
Fill the A4 sheet and let your imagination run. Write what you feel about the building, what you sense happened in the building, is it warm, cold, welcoming, unwelcoming?
Does it make you feel sad, happy, afraid, anxious, describe its past and also guess its future.
It is important you feel the building and the vibrations emanating from it, it doesn’t matter if you are right or wrong.
Believe that constant vibrations are absorbed by the environment. The object of this exercise is to recognise the stream of vibrations that emanate from the buildings psychic.