How the universe began and what happens all the time

The universe came from zero particles, space time is a superfluid which emerged from a singularity then began to fluctuate, the quantum fluctuations caused particles which are condensed superfluid to form the first atoms.

Dark matter is the opposite density to condensed and they quantumly fluctuated into existence and are all the time causing the universe to expand.

Superfluid conducts consciousness from condensed superfluid particles which make up quantumly entangled micrrtubiluals in the brain and brains of others, so this is the science of telepathy. Condensed superfluid vibrates at different frequencies . We can channel in and out of frequencies with sound, thought, colour and light. anything can have an out of body experience, this is what the holographic universe is. Superfluid keeps particles entangled and we can channel our intent through it. 

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