Superfluid channels us in and out of entanglement*

The beginning of the universe presents to us options, everything was birthed from a singularity and created a multiverse, through the inflationary model, or everything was birthed from quantum fluctuations which are fluctuations in the fabric of space-time which caused particles to pop into existence, which later attracted themselves through mass and went on to form planets galaxies and stars. I have theorised that for particles to emerge from space time there must be some kind of substance to space time, because something coming from nothing just doesn’t add up. I theorise that space-time must be a superfluid and particles must be a form of condensed superfluid. Going on to how far the universe has evolved and human consciousness now existing I theorise that the particles that make up our bodies interact with this superfluid space-time which is all around us, the empty space as so we call it in the universe. We feel the density of superfluid in our bodies, this is why energy healing works, people refer to this as energy, but I believe to put it scientifically it is actually superfluid space-time which carries different densities and I believe this is directly linked to our emotion.  


I believe that when emotion is not felt and released because we stepped away from the experience and didn’t feel the emotion, superfluid space-time actually becomes locked in our body, because it is in fact emotion, energy healing work such as shadow work, inner child healing and eft tapping help us to release this built up superfluid in our body.* When we have high density superfluid stored in our body, we line up with people or circumstances that also hold the same density of superfluid. therefore, trauma attracts more trauma, bliss attracts more bliss the list goes on. So I strongly believe that energy healing should not be dismissed by western medicine. To learn how to do these energy techniques, read my book consciousness increases.


Stuart Hameroff an anaesthesiologist has hypothesised microtubule structures in the brain, that relay quantum information, (our thoughts) as at the beginning of time all particles where in contact through a singularity, that means all particles are entangled, which means they change spin at exactly the same time (faster than the speed of light) I believe that because superfluid space-time is made up of the same stuff as particles, it interacts with the particles through viscosity, this is why we feel it in our body. I also believe that superfluid space-time is a conductor of conscious thought, and with the right mind-set and sensitivity telepathy is possible. Especially when people hold the same density of superfluid space time in their body. This I believe is the science that is linking spirituality in the mix of science.

 I also believe that we have a soul stream which is held inside superfluid space time which will line up with similar vibrations which could mean another living being with the same innate vibration that we leave life which is held in vibrating strings, the theory that came up with this is string theory.So I believe reincarnation is a strong possibility. I hope this was useful and helps you to have faith in your intuition. And I hope that this helps people who may have been labelled with psychosis or schizophrenia turn into the mystic they really are. There is a saying, the psychotic drowns in the same waters the mystic swims, I believe with the right use of trauma recovery techniques we can all be living a blissful life.

All the best for now

Josephine Atikari