The akashic records is like a vast store house of information, everything that has come to fruition and things that have ever had or will come to fruition are stored in this storehouse, it is like one giant consciousness that holds information about the universe.This is my diagram to explain the akashik records. We can experience preminitions and life path potentials which are all stored in the akashic records, within the akashic records time does not exist however we can still get a linear perspective of how things unfold Within our visions. This information is stored within spacetime superfluid, spacetime superfluid is like the software holding the coding and string theory is like the hardware storing the information for this universe.because the akashic records hold all thoughts that where ever thought and are yet to be thought, we can have awareness of the past, present, future and other timeliness. Like schrodinger cat, the cat is both alive and dead, this is like two potential lives that this cat could live out, and depending on our vibrational frequency and what vibration we hold we will line up with the one we are a match to, however we can have awareness of other life paths with our third eye, in other words seeing potential parallel universes, this is what psychics see when they say they are looking into your future, what you are a vibrational match to manifesting into your reality.