If you can see spacetime superfluid you can channel others higher densities away from you and channel the lighter densities into you, you can channel energy in a room, and become aware of where superfluid spacetime is, in and out of our body even from others which lines us up with different thought frequencies from vibrating strings in microtubual structures in the brain from other people when we tune in and out of them with visual stimulus.

If you can see parallel universes you can tune your microtubual structures and crystalline formations found in the third eye in and out of these visual images and have preminitions about what might come to fruitation and what needs to be avoided, for more info read time and the akashik records.

I personally experience extrasensory perception, and I do know it can be taught, when we use the book consciousness increases to reparent ourselves, we can use a method of teaching ourselves that the wanted abilities is possible and what we learned in school is not the be all and end all, for more information read my upcoming book, how to enhance you exrtrasensory abilities.