we are all brought up differently with varying beliefs. these beliefs shape how we see the world later in life. when we are small, particularly between the ages of 0-8 our subconscious mind is developing. This information that we absorb becomes the software which runs 95 percent of our adult life, our conscious thinking mind only runs around 5 percent of our daily lives in adulthood.


if we where taught beliefs based on what our parents, peers and teachers thought they would have shaped us and caused us to believe certain things are possible and certain things are not possible in our adult lives.


if we want to enhance our extrasensory perception we must tackle these beliefs and change them to something more fitting to being able to experience extrasensory abilities.


our current education system does not teach extrasensory abilities or use them in the curriculum, and our parents can often be closed off to this information, telling us that things are impossible.


I am writing this to let you know that these experiences are possible, but we need to broaden our limiting beliefs to make these things possible. when we have limiting beliefs around extrasensory perception, we do not become energetically aligned with experiencing them, because our thoughts act as a barrier preventing us from allowing ourselves from having extrasensory experiences.


personally one thing I perceive is spacetime which is the empty space all around us or the fabric of the universe having a fluid like consistency. some physicists have hypothesised that spacetime might be a superfluid, and i believe it to be which i strongly believe is one of the guiding factors of many of our extrasensory abilities.


a good exercise to begin with is to focus your intent on the empty space around you. you may have been taught that empty space is just empty so you filter out the movement and fluid like consistency of space from your vision. or you may see it and think it is a trick your brain is playing on you. If you can see movement in empty space you are seeing what many do not notice.


If you cannot see movement or anything beyond emptiness, try with your memory going back to when you learned empty space is empty, and reparent yourself using a method called eft tapping to change your limiting beliefs. you can begin by tapping on the centre of your collar bone with two fingers whilst reciting, even though I have limiting beliefs around what I believe is possible, i deeply and completely love and accept myself just the way I am, then say even though i have limiting beliefs, esp is possible and I believe in it fully, then say even though i have these limiting beliefs in my mind, it is time and it is safe, to release and let them go, I release and let them go. you can fill in the blank of esp, with any of the varying extrasensory abilities that you wish to enhance. this will start to reprogram your brain to believe more things are possible than you once thought, and taps directly into the subconscious mind, where 95 percent of our daily living operates from.


if you try and do this with seeing movement in empty space you may open your channel of consciousness to start to be able to perceive this.