Each particle is under a different level of internal pressure which effects spacetime superfluid differently causing electromagnetic repulsion and attraction the coils in the strings probably do it
Telepathy, some would say its a delusion, but others would suggest that science is starting to give us the answers, we are beginning to realise that the brain is capable of a lot more than just neural firing, infact there is a lot more going on on a quantum level. Stuart hameroff an anestheologist has hypothesised microtubules, a protein structure in the brain relaying information from the quantum field which is actually space time superfluid which we can channel with our brain. this suggests that thoughts are just quantum information and our brain the processorof that quantum information. Because superfluid spacetime is made of the same thing as particles as particles are condensed superfluid, all particles including our brains are connected by superfluid space time which conducts consciousness through vibration. When we research spirituality, that quantum information is very much linked to our higher self’s way of perceiving things. Our thoughts and the frequency range we are on determines which thoughts we line up with, this is why energy healing is a great tool for raising our frequency and being more aligned with higher frequency thoughts and a much better and clearer way of perceiving the world. If we begin life with people in a low frequency range our bodies may have been abused by them, causing us to step out of alignment with our higher self, such trauma can cause us to be under a lot of stress and unable to telepathies like our birth right should have us doing. Jealousy is a prominent factor in the instigation of such abuse. When parents, neighbors, relatives, school teachers become jealous they can do a lot in their ways to take this away from you. It is abuse and the world will catch up with this when we agree to the science. It is very outdated to beleive the only science that governs our universe is Newtonian physics. People can manipulate our body and our thought forms when they become jealous and controlling. But sometimes magicians us this as an art form and should be respected because it is fun, friends and fo should be destingished when determining who is using it for destruction and who is bullying. If the person on the recieving end is in pain and not ok this is the governing factor in determining if it is abuse or if if it is just play. Sociopaths do it in a destryctive way because they do not have what the other does so tries to take it away. Some do it out of fear, but when this fear is understood things get better. Sociopaths need understanding, but often abandonment trauma can come into play. This makes them cling and stops them living their own life and often fixating or sometimes copying their chosen target. Unfortunately this is society. If we made self love a prioritiy people would be less inclined to hurt others, and if we reduced bullying and not the type whwre the real bully plays victim we would function better, and if we focused on healing the people displaying bullying we would all start to live simbiotically insteaf of the survival of the fittest mentality which will ultimateoy lead to the demise of everyone and the lonliness of the biggest bullies, just look at what hitler did to the jewish people. They where primarily empaths that he couldnt relate to because he has his fun creative side bullief out of him as a xhild, if he di soul retrieval his jealousy would decrease and he would feel more included.  When we use energy healing on the body we are releasing the high density superfluid in our body making us a match to unwanted telepathic experiences with those carrying higher density superfluid in their body and we release psychic chords we have with these people, for more information on how to do this read my book consciousness increases.