Spacetime superfluid  is where our souls go through after death, vibraring stings are vibrating at a specific frequencies in our body, if there is a high frequency to the person they will bcome an angel, if they are low frequency they will become a demon.however angels and demons do get stuxk with eachother depending on their levels of narcissism and their vibration which is based on the healing they have done in their lifetime.Angels exist in all vibrarions of the universe all helping people ar sifferent frequencies, it could be argues that a demon is an angel in disguise. Angels are information in spacetime superfluid communicating with us through nature, for example clouds and orbs. we can experience this interaction and it is usually a lovely message from the universe that we should become aware of. sometimes it can be terrifying as angels can appear in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes when they are communicating with their death, people who see the holographic universe can visually see this, this is the psychics. this is what some refer to as other dimensions. we are bound by this. it is reality, by conscious and aware, it is important for your personal growth. The. Ration of string theory in the body will be a vibrational match for the life they opt into in the next lifetime.

parallel universes exist, they are life path potentials we can see this with our third eye. it is both scary and true, but we wont experience it, other than there being another you in another world living out a different life.   make the safest decisions, logic is often more important than intuition.