Microtubule structures in the brain transmit conscious thought much like a quantum computer, proposed by Stuart hameroff. When somebody dies, they no longer have an experience of the world, however information is still stored in microtubule structures in the brain, vibrating at different frequencies because of string theory. after death this can still be channelled both by other people , and through superfluid spacetime, when someone was an energetic match to a place or people their innate level of superfluid spacetime will be a match to specific locations and people, so this is what people might refer to as a haunting. The information still exists in the microtubule structures in their body so we can still feel a person's presence until their body decays and once more becomes the earth. I have hypothesised there is information stored in superfluid spacetime possibly due to string theory then consciousness may be able to pass from one body to another, this is what is referred to as the akashik records by the spiritual community.