We have taken billions of years to evolve through a process known as natural selection which also works by means of the law of attraction, it is not only the most suited to their environment that causes them to survive, it is a mix between that and the law of vibration, which is actually the density of space time superfluid held in the body of that living organism. When something holds the vibration of trauma it is more likely to line up with traumatic incidents including death, so newtonion physics wasn't the only force at play.

It was both metaphysics and newtonion physics working in unoin, however metaphysics controlled the life choices of the organism as superfluid is directly linked to our emotions and emotion and thought effect our decisions and life path. The beauty of the peacock was an emotion of its mate. Aminals are more adept at shaking of their trauma than humans are but the ones who developed ptsd, often from being in the womb, or youth and having less food or protection are more likely to be aligned with death than their siblings, this is both nwetonion physics and their lack of strength and metaphysics and their trapped trauma acting like a magnet for further trauma. Also predators are aligned with being predators and prey with prey because of generational trauma and the lack of.

When you can see life path potentials you can see what un integrated trauma can lead to I someone's life, this is why energy healing is so vital for our survival.