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How we shape our world
How do you see yourself? How do you see the cosmos? Have you ever thought you could change the world? What if I told you the universe is inside of all of us, and we are a creator, whether we know this or not.

Quantum physics has proven that we are all connected to one field of energy, the quantum field. Every atom, electron, proton, tree, animal , plant, star, planet and galaxy, or everything that exists in the entire universe is a manifestation of that one governing field that we are all made of and connects us all, we are one.

Most of us have forgotten this. We learned about the universe in terms of everything being separate and working like a machine, our modern culture teaches us this from early on in school through Newtonian physics not quantum physics.

Our soul our essence came from this one unified field of energy, we are then born into physical reality and we experience separateness for the first time. This feeling then went on and created a segregation in our world, poverty, war, homelessness, violence, hunger, are all manifestations of this feeling of separation. We are all striving for a feeling of connection, what if I told you it is already an innate part of us, it is the natural state of the universe. How ever not all of us, or shall I say most of us are quite far from really feeling this on an emotional level.

Our cultural conditioning has us programmed to feel emotions such as fear, which has us in a state of survival. Darwin taught us the survival of the fittest, this is not the true nature of our universe, if everything is connected then surely the world will thrive by understanding that we are all one.

Symbiosis is a beautiful way at seeing nature functioning in harmony. When the moth has evolved in perfect harmony with the orchid, and that is how they evolved to survive. this is how humans operate too, we depend on the earth, we depend on the farmer, we depend on our community to live. We are not separate we live in a connected world a connected universe.

Love is a state of connection, the feeling that in another exists what exists within the self, when we move away from fear into a place of love we begin to feel this connection we are all striving for.

We are born into a world that is like a learning hologram, this aids the expansion of our consciousness. We are essentially fragments of this universe learning about itself. The universe is entirely made up of energy, this is what quantum physics is telling us, even you and me.

The law of attraction is a law which works on vibration, where like frequencies line up with like frequencies. Emotion can be broken down and mean energy in motion, our emotions are our way of navigating the energy of the universe. The energy or emotion we have in us, is directly mirrored in the reality we experience outside of us, so within so without.

When we arrive in our physical body, we are already a vibrational match for certain people such as our parents, and the experiences that we receive, such as our early conditioning. Our early conditioning imprints beliefs and therefor emotions which go on to act as attraction points for governing our future reality.

Our experiences are our lessens, which give us the opportunity to shift our emotional frequency and therefor our reality. Every time we shift our frequency we are moving towards love or oneness which is our true essence.

Humanity is in a state where we are not experiencing this interconnectivity. Countries divide us, race and racism separates us, governments and politicians have us fighting and taking sides. Cultural conditioning can create hate which leads to violence. The good are separated from the bad, through the criminal justice system. Class and wealth, rich and poor they are all polarities which do not match our true connected nature.

Quantum entanglement is another law of the universe, every particle in the universe is instantaneously reacting and is connected to every other particle. We are connected to everyone every being and everything in this universe.

When we are in a high vibrational state such as love we feel this. Seeing that another is connected to and contains the same essence that we also contain which is directly connected is a state of love. Instead of experiencing this with just one person of our affection, we can experience it with the entire universe. When another is hurt we our hurting the essence which is also within ourselves.

By raising our vibration, which can be achieved through emotional healing work which I write about in my book consciousness increases, we can change the state of the world, true change and movement towards our connected nature starts with changing what is going on inside.

By seeing every experience we have as having meaning or a purpose, to teach us about what emotions we have inside of us we can use this to shift the emotion to change our reality. We can look at experiences good and bad as being vital for our growth, sometimes the worst experiences create the most growth, we can let an experience destroy us or teach us how to move into a higher vibrational state and therefore change our reality for the better.

Some people never do this emotional healing which can create a life that feels predestined, we will constantly be living in a reality which matches our vibration, for example those who are born into poverty, without the emotional work will be a vibrational match for poverty, those who are born into wealth will be a match to wealth. A person who is born into abuse and trauma will be a match to further abuse and trauma in their relationships and experiences, unless we use these experiences as lessons, to go on and do the inner work to change our vibration we will keep experiencing the same kind of reality. Free will exists, when we learn how to change the energy of the universe within us, our emotion.

When we do not feel emotionally connected to the self, we do not feel emotionally connected to others and the universe at large. When we shift into a place of self love we move into a state of experiencing oneness with the universe.

Shame is an emotion we can take on in early life which is caused by a feeling of rejection, turning that shame into self love leads to a feeling of connectivity. Creating an energetic or emotional shift means turning in the direction of these emotions, then like the alchemists we transform these emotions.

Our ancestors tell us a story of connectivity, cooperation, abundance and living in harmony, however the science we have been taught teaches separation. Darwin’s theory of evolution teaches survival of the fittest, Newtonian physics teaches us that everything separate and that we live in a mechanical universe. We do not grow up learning that everything is connected, which is now proven through quantum physics and that everything is energy. Ancient wisdom and intuition believed this to be true, however it is only recently being confirmed through quantum physics.

We have been taught the survivalist way of living, one based on scarcity, survival, and struggling and that only hard work equates to success. We are taught in school that we are here because of random mutations in our evolution, that we are insignificant, which has a profound effect on our core beliefs about ourselves. When we realise we are connected to everything in the universe are as much a part of it as the universe itself we will feel our significance, when we realise our energy is constantly manifesting in our experience we will realise our power. When we shift into this way of thinking we can change the world.

When we realise that nature survives and comes from cooperation, and that our consciousness helps heal the body and that we are constantly evolving in our own lifetime, this has been shown through epigenetics where our consciousness alters our biology. We where taught in school that energy and matter are separate things, well quantum physics tells us that energy and matter are the same thing. We where also to told that our thoughts are powerless. But now quantum physics and epigenetics are suggesting that our thoughts have power and are altering our biology and our world.

Trauma causes a splitting within the self and therefor a splitting within society. When we raise children who do not have to recover from their childhood by doing the inner healing work on ourselves we begin to change the world.

People in power are not coming from a place of oneness, if they saw in others what exists within the self the place would be a harmonious place to be. If we all had this way of looking at things racism would not exist, police brutality would be a thing of the past, we would not be able to harm animals we would be living in harmony.

It is the forcing of our children to be ultra independent rather than interdependent which leads to an array of personality disorders and even psychopathy, early developmental maltreatment or lack of love leads to people either becoming narcissistic, psychopathic, or trauma bonded to these individuals. You can see this trauma bond taking place with psychopathic presidents and their followers having a false belief that these individuals will save them. It happens in relationships in the home and in society. These represent the extreme end of the spectrum where in both of these individuals the perpetrator and the victim have the lowest level of or complete absence of self love.

This is where violence and hate stem from. Narcissistic individuals have a divide and conquer mentality, this creates division in society and war. Our subconscious mind is our early childhood programming caused by how we where raised, changing the subconscious changes the world as it runs over 95 percent of our reality. We can shift our consciousness from a place of fear to a place of love, by nurturing our negative or unwanted emotions and see them like a garden that needs attending to.

Fear and a need for power admiration and dominance causes the world to be dangerous place to live, where survival feels like the only possible way of functioning. When we shift out of these survivalist programmes by moving towards love the world will shift, not only for the individual changing their internal world, but due to the maharashi effect, this inner peace of self love has a rippling effect on the world around us, this could be explained through quantum field theory and quantum entanglement. And also the observer effect saying we create our reality.

When we move out of reactivity into a grounded more peaceful place the world will know peace. If we all knew our own power we would not elect dangerous people to be in a position of power. We would see our part of the creation of society and depend less on others to achieve it for us. When a leader is elected, it is always a mirror of what is going on in the consciousness of the people doing the voting, if they shifted from a place of a of fear to a place of love, they would not feel a need to be saved, and would not elect people with the false promises of being a saviour.

When leaders in society are not fulfilling a personal need for admiration above the need for change things will happen in society for the better, but we need to get better at seeing these traits in individuals and assessing whether our choices come from fear or love. Many people who are here to protect us are not coming from connectivity these people can be corrupt, we can see this in police officers who get a thrill of exerting power and control over vulnerable people and that is why they choose the job, rather than protecting the community.

These people are the furthest from oneness, deep down they feel a feeling of insignificance or inferiority and to bolster themselves up their actions hurt others.

If we taught our interconnected nature to children rather than survival of the fittest and competition the world would start to shift, as it is our early programming that has the most power over how our reality unfolds, the subconscious mind which develops between the ages of 0 to 8 runs over 95 percent of our lives. Messages we imprint on our children goes on to shape the future of our world, and example is a child who grows up with a gun, or trained to use a gun will be the children who are fighting in adulthood, a child who learns peace and cooperation will turn into a very different adult.

If you look at people who become game hunters and are endangering our rare animals have generational patterns where they come from a generation of hunters. The beliefs we are imprinted with create our values. We have the power to shift our consciousness and therefor the consciousness of future generations. Quantum physics is telling us something completely different to what we are taught, that everything is connected. This is not a philosophy it is scientific fact.

The implications of this are incredibly different to the current model of education. We need to start teaching this true science to children and ourselves for us to see a global change. There is no such thing as us and them on a quantum level.

How we are shaped and how it creates separation
When a child is developing they receive certain messages from the parents and from the community about themselves.

They are often taught that certain things are acceptable and certain things are not, this can go for emotions, religious beliefs, behaviour, appearances the list could go on, when the unacceptable parts of ourselves exist within the self or are a potential, we have to therefor supress and disown these parts and only live from and accept parts that others will deem as acceptable, we do this to create a feeling of acceptance or for a child this is survival to be accepted by the family and community.

When we supress and deny that we have these qualities within the self we go on to find it hard to accept these qualities in others and this is what causes the segregation in our societies and world. So what started as a survival response to feel connection, leads to disconnection later in life.

When we do not accept another religious belief because it was deemed unacceptable in our family we will reject those with the religious belief, just look at the conflicts between Catholics and protestants in Ireland.

If we began to look inwards and realised that with different early conditioning we could be the exact same as the people we are fighting we move towards a state of oneness. Another example is if we where brought up to believe we could only mix with a certain class of people and to be poor or unsuccessful was deemed something wrong by our family or community, we will hold a sensation in the form of a trauma trigger where it will bring up physiological reactions in our body in response to being poor or unsuccessful, this is because our survival depended on our success, as our acceptance into the family unit depended on this.

When we see people in poverty or homelessness it can act as a mirror to these unaccepted parts of ourselves and to accept them into our lives would be very difficult as we are not accepting that part of the self. This creates a fracturing in society and splits us off from our true interconnected nature.

When we do the work to accept these parts by recovering the trauma of having to deny these parts we begin to close off the gap of separation, when we send the energy of love into these parts of our being we will naturally see the same essence that is within the self in another. Wars are created by our belief systems, what is acceptable and what is unacceptable, the us and them mentality.
Racism is a learned behaviour is not an innate reaction. What we have learned we can unlearn.

Global change
When we look at issues such as global warming if we get to the route of the problem it stems from our disconnected way of thinking, our disconnect from the world and our environment. When we shift our thinking into connectivity and the symbiotic relationship that we really have with our planet things will have to shift.

We all need to look inwards and do the inner work to shift our perception on the world around us, we could look at society as being in the caterpillar stage of development, we are all living but we have not reached our full vitality. Caterpillars have to dissolve into liquid before they become a butterfly, just like us, we need to dissolve into our emotions and feel them to heal them.

We need to step out of our materialistic mind set and realise our connectivity to nature, we are just as much a part of it as any living being or even non living when we look at the underling field which everything is a part of.

When we shift the emotional traumas which have us chasing material objects to make ourselves feel ok, to changing our emotions from the inside out, to organically feel ok, we can stop the mindless consumerism, when we come from a place of love or connection to the earth we will take action to protect what we are connected to, it is an internal shift of perception that needs to happen for us to see a global shift. The need for money and power fuels the war on fossil fuels, it is a lack of love which creates a need for power and it is our survivalist programmes which has us believing in survival of the fittest and competition.

When we cooperate rather than compete the world will come into a place of balance or equilibrium, we know there are enough resources for everyone on the planet however our mind set and perception does not actualize this.

We need to educate ourselves and our children differently to see this change happen, and realising we all come from one governing field of energy that is interconnected is a good place to start, realising cooperation will solve our problems, and realising we live in a symbiotic relationship with our planet and nature is an important lesson too.

We need to see ourselves as social creatures who evolved to depend on the community for our survival, not the survival of the fittest mentality which creates separation and competition leaving us in a state of destruction loneliness and scarcity. We carry traumas which shuts ourselves of from aspects of our self, which leads us to feel disconnected from others who have those traits, moving towards these aspects with love will bring us closer to our community and closer to other communities or countries with different cultural conditioning.

We need to get rid of The us and them mentality to transform our world, when we look inwards our external reality will begin to shift.

Don’t fight the old, create a new
Where attention goes energy flows, by fighting problems we are fuelling it. Instead of fighting work on creating, instead of standing against work towards. We can do this by doing the inner work on ourselves to change our perception.

Fighting is not the answer action towards and creating equates to positive change. We can do this by introducing new ideas to people, not by telling people they are wrong but by giving them the food for thought to alter their perception, we can work towards change by taking action and creating it, we need to stop putting the change into the hands of others and realise our part in creating, we can choose what and who we agree with.

Many people in power actually thrive off of attention this can be good or bad attention. When we remove our attention these people will not be receiving what they desire, put your energy into good causes rather than fighting and feeding those we disagree with. Remember the world isn’t all bad, there are many who want to do good in the world, work with the people who share the same values instead of fighting what is unwanted, when people work together their power is unsurmountable.

The powerful can have us divided and in a state of conflict, this keeps them in power. When we see our own power and connected nature things will shift, what I am saying is remember your own innate power and live in a way which matches the change you wish to see. Turn off the news for a day and look at what we can do in that day, rather than fuelling your fear with the messages you receive from the media. We need to work on reprogramming our minds, this involves being mindful about the information we feed our minds.

The news very rarely informs us about the positive aspects of society. Luckily we now have the internet which can connect us to likeminded individuals who want the changes we do. Work on creating connection with people who see a positive future and keep away from fear based propaganda. I do not mean be ignorant to the world, but be mindful of the information you receive.

Quantum physics and spirituality
Quantum physics is bridging the gap between science and spirituality. When Newtonian physics was introduced it divided the spiritual from the physical, this created a divide and a conflict between the two. However quantum physics is starting to compliment and mirror what many ancient philosophies have been telling us, this gives us westerners an incentive to turn in the direction of spirituality again and embrace our spiritual nature.

Quantum physics is telling us everything is energy, and the observer effect which tells us that our observations created our reality makes us question what consciousness is and what makes us as the observer so powerful. Our brain is purely a accumulation of cells and chemicals which is very similar to a plant or tree, but these objects do not observe or create its reality. Is there something beyond the material or the body that equates to us being the observer having this power, could there be an energetic aspect of us which could link to what our ancestors believed, that we have a soul. And is it our soul which holds the power to create our reality?

When we stop looking at our bodies acting like machines and our consciousness being purely a mixture of chemical reactions and neurons firing in the brain we see something with real value, we see ourselves with more compassion and we also see others this way.

Regardless of whether you believe in a soul or not we need to start seeing the emotional component of what makes up a human. Our western model of medicine does not consider emotion as being a key part of what makes us human. When we start to acknowledge the effect our emotions have on our biology and the rippling effect they have on the world due to the maharashi effect, we will begin to act in ways that reduce the emotional turmoil in others. When we start to realise that our emotions are mirrored in our reality through the law of attraction where like energies attract like energies we will start to realise the importance of nurturing our emotions and the emotions of others.

We need to look at the emotional component of our relationship with others. The rate of male suicides is high because it is taboo for men to discuss emotions in relationships, we need to create a new model or mind set which sees that emotions are not wrong they are natural, and that we are emotional creatures. When we start to have these conversations people feel seen and they feel their importance. When we start to meet people on an emotional level they we feel like what they feel matters.

We are far from this in our culture, many people can feel numb to their emotions because they where never taught how to relate to their emotions, when we see our emotions are what makes us human We will begin to nurture them and we will be able to empathise better with others, when we feel an emotional sensitivity to world issues things will begin to shift as it will be a lot harder for us to cause emotional harm to others without it creating harm to the self.
When we see an underling field which connects us all we can relate this to the Buddhist teaching that says we are all one or the fundamental teaching in many religions that says we need to move towards love. As our emotions are our way of navigating the field of energy and the feeling of love creates connectivity.

Fear is the opposite of love and the media and leaders in society can often have us in a state of fear. If we look inwards and see ourselves as being an important part of our universe we can start to shift towards love and oneness.

The power of thought
When we look at our brain western medicine says thought is purely a chemical process in the brain, however when we look at a brain scan such as an EEG scan we are actually reading these thoughts or brain activity from outside of the brain, through the field of energy that surrounds the human body. What if I said our thoughts hold and energy which is broadcast onto the field around us. It has been told that the power of prayer effects the energy field around us, the quantum field, and our thoughts have a rippling effect on the world around us. When we move into a more harmonious way of being and have an inner peace or move into a place of love, it has a rippling effect on our world, the maharashi effect shows that there was a decrease in crime rate when only one percent of the population practiced meditation. Our thoughts hold power at manifesting into our reality.

When we move from a place of fear into a place of love we will attract like experiences that match our internal world. Changing the inner changes the outer. We can spend a lifetime trying to fix the world but true power in changing our own personal experience of the world starts on changing our perception by looking inwards.

The unknown becoming the known
“one could conclude from our understanding of information and spacememory (time) that the universe is expanding and accelerating because it is learning about itself and thus it requires more surfaces to store the holographic plank information.” -Nassim Haramein physicist. If god is metaphorically the universes consciousness we could say we are all fragments of god learning about itself, like fractals of the universe.

There is invisible field which connects us all that we navigate through our emotions which is energy vibrating at different frequencies, when we move from a place of fear to a place of love we are increasing our vibration and increasing the consciousness of the universe.

The body remembers all of our experiences that are not felt and integrated, traumas are passed from mother to child in the womb and generational patters of parenting are repeated. When we do our own inner healing work to shift our vibration we are aiding the growing awareness of the universe or “god” I am not a religious person, however in my mind god is the energy that makes up everything.
We are part of the mind of god and there is not a separate entity who created the universe, it is an essence that runs through the universe itself. We are a fragments of this consciousness learning and expanding, every experience we have births potential for this growth. When we have a new level of insight or awareness, it can trigger the growth of those around us, it is not the eyes that see it is the brain, and our brain perceives things differently depending on our own level of perception and vibration.

Everybody sees differently, that means we all perceive reality in a different way and we are all on our own unique journey to learn about the world and the universe. We are all unique and have different life paths that all serve a purpose in collective consciousness. Just because your path is different from another’s don’t be discouraged, your place is just as much a part of this interconnected web of information and viewpoints as anybody else’s, and aids the expansion of consciousness in the same way, which will act to shape future generations perspectives, we are all learning from who came before us and our own experiences. We need to make the unseen real as quantum physics is telling us their is a quantum field that connects us all and everything is energy, not many westerners think this way, which has consequences for others and the planet, we need a new paradigm.

Emotions are our compass
You could look at our brain and heart like a radio for frequencies of energy and thought, our brain is the receiver and our heart which is linked to our emotion is the dial. When we change emotion we change the information we receive. Science is telling us that there are a certain type of neuron that exists within the heart and a coherence between the heart and brain can be achieved when we step out of turmoil into a more positive vibration.

Our emotions are our way of navigating the universe, when we are fear based things become a threat, when we are love based things become an opportunity. We are supposed to be living in joy and creating, not living in fear, but our society often keeps us stuck in fear. Remember it is an individual choice to step out of fear into love, this takes the inner work of dissolving our traumas. This method of healing I write about in my book consciousness increases which is a tool to help your own personal growth and evolution, almost like a quick way to hack our biology and step out of victim mode into your power.
We can all do this if we choose, but for each individual who does, realities will begin to shift and the world will feel the change.

Moving away from victim
When we are a victim we are reacting to life, we are responding to the physiological reactions in our body which are trauma triggers and letting that dictate our behaviour and decisions, when we learn to pause and step back and not respond to our physiological responses we become a creator, and to go beyond that and heal the traumas which create the reactions not only are we a creator but we feel the interconnected nature of our reality more fully.

When we are a victim our traumas can alter our perception of the world, we can feel lonely and separate from those around us because our trauma triggers maybe bringing up feelings of shame or unworthiness, when we heal these traumas by nurturing these emotions we begin to feel our connected nature.

When people feel emotions such as shame or unworthiness they can often fight to prove themselves worthy of meeting other peoples expectations to feel good enough. What if I told you we are already good enough, we where born good enough, however our traumas can have us blind to this, to get an in depth understanding of how to heal trauma I recommend my book consciousness increases as it is designed to help people recover their traumas and step out of victim mode, briefly to explain, we go in the direction of our trauma and we nurture our negative emotions, by doing this we are sending the energy of love and our consciousness into these unloved areas of our being which has an alchemical reaction where are traumas are transformed.

This is a process or a journey which takes time, we can use these tools of self healing throughout our life to keep experiencing positive change, it gets better with every step of the journey to the point it no longer becomes a chore, it is a fascinating path of self discovery.

Today I was walking down the high street and I saw a high school girl pointing and laughing at another girl, I realised how pervasive this feeling of separation is, chances are the girl being laughed at felt a feeling of shame when this occurred causing her to feel split off from her peers. This kind of behaviour and the physiological reactions are learned, we can unlearn both the behaviour and the reaction. When we judge another we are also hurting the self because what we judge in another exists within the self so we are cutting ourselves of from an aspect of our being, a good exercise is to pay close attention to those we judge and see it as a reflection of what we are not accepting within the self, when we move towards aspects of the self with love we will be less inclined to judge others and we will be moving away from the illusion of separation into a place of oneness or love.

Self reflection
I have noticed in my book I write the words “we need to” quite frequently, this could be me coming from the ego, as I so desperately want to help people feel this feeling of connectivity which I am beginning to experience in my own life so I can experience it with them. It is also my awareness of the tipping point we are reaching in the world which I see as a crisis, as we are reaching a stage where our inner world is having a detrimental effect on our environment and others, especially future generations.

We will be the educators of future generations and when we programme the subconscious minds of future generations we will be effecting their behaviour in the world and to each other, as our subconscious runs over 95 percent of our life. When we address our own subconscious and limiting beliefs it will have a rippling effect on future generations to come. This is a feeling of desperation as I feel something needs to happen and it needs to happen quickly.

I have thought about charity work however I believe that this only shifts a small fraction of the worlds problems, however I will be putting money or profits of my work into generating change. I see that the problems stem from our conscious awareness of ourselves and the world around us, we leave it to the select few to fix our problems but we fail to recognise our own power, fighting creates stress and can lead to burnout both physically and emotionally, but creating holds a lot of power, and when a lot of people are creating we will start to see a change. I hope this book will act as a catalyst to get the ball rolling, new ideas can stem awareness and possibilities, I love to write so feel I am not generating stress in my body and it is my way of generating the change I wish to see.

Follow what you love
Be the change you a see in the world, instead of fighting the unwanted follow your heart and your actions will mirror the change you wish to see. We are ultimately creators, we are not here to fight, focus your energy on what you love, and your example will lead others to do the same. We often separate heaven and earth through what we are taught in religion, what if we instead of thinking life is hard and will eventually be great when we die, which to me is the unknown so we could be banging up against a brick wall.

Instead we need to integrate the idea of heaven and earth, we need to realise heaven can be created on earth and work at making this a reality, this can be achieved by doing what you love.

When we feel we are doing what we love we feel a feeling of flow and we feel in our element, I believe this is what we are here to do. Healing old wounds also makes earth a beautiful place to be as we will no longer be living in pain.

We have all had those moments, where we notice a beautiful sunset or see a child smiling which makes us feel happy and an appreciation of the world we live in, we can work to achieve these moments throughout our life by finding our passion and realising our uniqueness, we can often force ourselves into jobs or careers we feel we should be doing because of our early programming, don’t be afraid to make changes in your life which could sacrifice a lot but may shift you into this feeling of falling in love with life, changing our beliefs or conditioning can line us up with a beautiful and fulfilling life.

Enlightenment and its limitations
To become enlightened is to become completely aware of the self and the universe at large, and us holding the same perception as source consciousness itself, oneness. however because of our interconnected nature and us being a part of the governing field the quantum field I do not believe that individual enlightenment can be obtained if collective enlightenment is not being obtained also, the whole of society needs to shift into enlightenment for the individual to reach this state of being, and you could also say that the universe is learning about itself and there isn’t a final destination of enlightenment there will always be more.

When we spread ideas and information we work towards collective enlightenment which also helps the individual, we should spread our knowledge and awareness and not just keep it for the select few who are interested in spirituality. These ideas are not purely spiritual, they have a foundation in science. These ideas can be easier to absorb for the sceptics and people who regard themselves as atheist. Skip the small talk and lets talk about what matters, bring awareness to others this will generate change.

Empathy, the thread that connects us
When we are out of touch with our own emotions we will struggle to connect with the emotions of others, when we are not compassionate towards our own suffering we will not have the resources to fully be there for others. Some people can find others suffering too much and try and move away from those in pain. When we start to see others as a mirror for our own unaddressed suffering we will see in others what exists within the self.

When we nurture ourselves we will increase our levels of empathy and compassion for others. When we heal ourselves we become a beacon of light which people move towards to find healing, and we will be adequately equipped with tools that we used to heal ourselves to help others to heal. This feeling of empathy and compassion creates connection, the higher our levels of self compassion the greater the empathy.

When we are shut off from our pain we may be presenting with a mask which is not in touch with our emotional and often times vulnerable essence, showing our own vulnerability allows other people to do the same, we are not machines we are emotional beings we must teach that emotional expression is ok and move towards our negative emotions with love, and we will stop seeing these emotions as negative or unwanted, they will just be a natural part of our lives.

We must learn to know it is ok not to feel ok. When we feel these emotions it will teach us about what we accept into our lives and what makes us feel bad, when we are emotionally sensitive we will not tolerate things that cause us harm and things will begin to shift, these means looking inwards.

Shame the force that separates us
When we carry traumas that caused us to feel shame we often reject parts of our being or deem them as unacceptable, when we experience these parts of us it acts as a trauma trigger that causes us to feel shame, when we see parts of us as unacceptable, we will fail to accept these parts in others.

When we begin to realise that all parts of our being are worthy of the energy of love we will start to feel more connected to the self and more connected to others. The feeling of shame can make us feel isolated and alone. We must move towards these unaccepted parts of the self with love it will bring us closer to ourselves and closer to others. We may feel shame for feeling certain emotions or showing certain personality traits, when we teach ourselves that these emotions or behaviours are completely lovable we will begin to shift into a feeling of connectivity, no longer will there be traumas that cause us to feel cut off from ourselves and others.

In a universe where a fundamental law is oneness there is no such thing as wrong or right, acceptable or unacceptable, these are all human constructs. This also doesn’t mean that accepting damaging behaviour in the self leads to more damaging behaviour, the more we accept ourselves the more we will see our similarities to others and we will see our damaging behaviour as being detrimental to others and therefor our feeling of connectivity and therefor the self. We need to be self loving and self forgiving to feel oneness, this means dropping the unrealistic expectations we can often put on ourselves to feel deserving of love, we are innately deserving of love.

We are often taught that our success is important and we only feel loveable when we achieve certain goals, it is good to be motivated as we are creators, however we should not let our success being the governing factor of our worthiness of love.

A baby feels love regardless of its achievement, you could say a baby is born enlightened then moves away from this because of what we learn. I believe our purpose is to learn this feeling again by unlearning what we where taught about ourselves.

Moving towards oneness, our true essence
When we realise it is our emotional traumas that have us in a state of disconnect, and it is our perception that divides us, we can actively work on shifting our traumas to move into our full vitality. We can do this by turning in the direction of our pain and being with it, for an in-depth method on how to heal trauma read my book consciousness increases.

Healing can feel difficult when we are just beginning, healing one level of trauma can cause another later to emerge and we can see an illusion that we are dealing with a bottomless pit and feel disheartened. I promise this is never true, when we peel back the layers of trauma and work with them to heal them we are emptying the vessel that being ourselves of the trauma energy that has us feeling disconnected from the world, others and the self. We often escape emotion through addiction, when we work on healing trauma we will no longer lean on addictions to feel whole, we will just naturally feel it in our being.

It takes time to heal and depending on our level of trauma determines how much we will need to heal. We can see this trauma healing as an act of self discovery, it is a transformative experience which when we un cover and heal trauma our perception of life and the world will naturally begin to change as we will no longer be reacting to triggers, our perception naturally moves into a state of oneness.

We will look at our external world and feel a connection, we will sense the same essence that exists in everything as existing within us also and we will no longer feel separate from the world around us. This state of being is obtainable to all of us, not just the select few that we deem as enlightened, but we are already biologically and energetically designed to feel this oneness with the universe. The only thing standing in our way is our choice to turn in the direction of our traumas and work with them to heal them, this includes accepting the parts of ourselves we once deemed as unacceptable.

If We want to feel a real connection with others, step into their shoes and see through their eyes, we can do this through our imagination or intuition, we can then feel the traumas they are feeling and get in touch with how these traumas effect our own life. For example we may reject a criminal because we feel their behaviour is bad, we therefore shame and separate ourselves from them.

If we imagine we where in their shoes and we committed the same crime as that person and then feel the emotional shame that it creates in us then work on healing that shame we will feel a connection with those we once disconnected from.

It is often a lack of connection with the self and therefor others that causes people to act in criminal ways, as they do not feel connected to others they do not feel the harm it causes in the same way they would if they feel connected to people who are hurt by their actions. When we heal this shame in ourselves we will be able to see others more clearly and help others move in the direction of healing.

If there is a trait within others causing us to push them away, step into their shoes and feel the emotion tied to the aspect of them in ourselves we are pushing away and work on healing and being with that emotion in a nurturing way, this trait will no longer be unacceptable and bring up physiological reactions in our body causing us to judge and reject others.

Accepting criminals does not mean feeling their behaviour as acceptable for The functioning of society, it will help us see that remedying the shame will remedy their behaviour. When people feel connected to others they will be less inclined to act in harmful ways towards others because they will see the same essence that is in others as existing within the self. We can all work on ourselves if we make the choice, but remember we are already innately deserving of love but we need to teach ourselves this, the primary aim of healing is to move towards love, with the self and therefor others.

People are often falsely educated to believe that narcissism is high levels or unhealthy levels of self love, this is not true, narcissists have incredibly low to non existent self love so they create a false self or mask which they fall in love with to protect themselves from this feeling of emptiness, this is why when anybody challenges this false self they react with rage, which is a defence mechanism stopping them from feeling the emptiness inside them. There is actually no such thing as an unhealthy level of self love. It should actually be something we should be striving for.

Self love does not cause people to be grandiose, it actually creates a gentleness with the self and others, and we also feel self love when feeling our stronger emotional states and do not shame this.

Narcissism can cause a person to deny healing because there false self keeps them away from their pain and they often do not see anything wrong with this. I believe narcissism can be healed, but I believe it would take extreme personal circumstances for a narcissist to turn in the direction of healing and this is very rare. If you are involved with a narcissist in any way the best way to recover is to focus on the self, and not try to change them. We do not hold that kind of power over others but we do ourselves, we can work on what traumas we hold within the self which made us a magnet to their hurtful behaviour and work on healing that.

As our inner world shapes our outer experiences things will begin to shift. Changing our lives in the best sense involves going inwards and journeying into the self, we can travel the world looking for answers to feel better or we can journey inwards and do the work to feel the change from the inside out.

The world is our mirror
When we feel parts of us are unacceptable, we will attract behaviour or messages from others and the world which mirror this, when we begin to heal these wounds we will feel it mirrored in the way people treat us. When we feel oneness, this means we do not feel shame that divides us we will naturally feel connected to others as our shame will not be mirrored in our environment.

The way we perceive others behaviour will change too, hurtful behaviour will no longer be hurtful as it will not trigger any shame within us. Our perception changes and we see others behaviour towards us as a reflection of their own relationship with themselves instead of a refection of our self.

How our interconnected nature can be abused
Abuse and bullying are examples of how our connected nature can have a rippling effect on others. When people abuse or bully it has an energetic effect of triggering the energy in the form of trapped emotion or unhealed traumas within the body.
An energetic tie is created between perpetrator and the victim, the behaviour of the perpetrator triggers the unhealed trauma within the victim and this keeps the perpetrator in control.

If you are energy sensitive you may be consciously aware of being under a psychic attack. Just like our energy being used to heal at a distance, our energy can be used to hurt at a distance. Narcissistic individuals can target individuals this way. The individual being targeted may feel headaches or physical illnesses or an un explained feeling of fear which cannot be explained by anything in their physical environment.

People targeted can often end up in psychiatric units when people are not aware of the real phenomenon taking place. The victims trauma is being triggered this happens through the invisible field that connects us all, remember emotion can be broken down to mean energy in motion.

Where attention goes energy flows, this can go for negative attention also. Like I said our thoughts have a rippling effect on the quantum field and we are all fundamentally connected through the quantum entanglement. There are unseen forces at play which is a explained by quantum field theory.

The way to overcome attacks through abuse bullying or psychic attack is to go in the direction of these feeling or sensations in the body and nurture ourselves in these feeling. They all stem from traumas, when we do not carry the traumas we are not susceptible to feeling the effects of these behaviours or ill intentions. We have the power to protect ourselves, and this involves healing trauma, this breaks the negative psychic connection, and ultimately we will be moving out of fear into love and our connected nature we will feel oneness and not fear.

Unfortunately people who abuse children know that they are imprinting traumas on these individuals so they can be controlled throughout their life. Luckily these traumas can be healed, although it means feeling what we didn’t feel at the time it is worth the work, as we will dispel the trauma energy and bring in healing energy or love, we are all alchemists, and what we transform is our emotion.

Choosing the right circle
Stay clear of the bullies and the light dimmers, keep your circle positive. If you do bump up against these individuals take their behaviour as a catalyst to help your own personal growth, stay clear of these individuals to the best of your ability, this is an act of self care, then work on healing the traumas that arise in your body.

When we surround ourselves with supportive people, it keeps us in a high vibrational state, we create best in our world when we are in a high vibration, and we will be coming from our authentic self as it will feel safe. Find nurturing relationships and people who can meet you on an emotional level, find people who can sense what exists beyond the physical and sees and respects our emotional experiences.

Find people who can grow with you, who are on the same soul mission.

Our intellect can work for or against us
Our intellect can be damaging, it can have us living solely in our heads and disconnected from our emotions, we can talk our way out of feeling our emotions which is what causes trauma, as trauma is trapped emotion that we didn’t allow ourselves to feel at the time of the stimulus. Animals do not intellectualize like we do, when they have an emotion they feel it, you can see this with the gazelle that trembles and shakes after being chased by a predator, it is naturally releasing the fight or flight response from its body, you don’t see animals suffering PTSD like we do, yet they undergo many threatening situations but feel the emotions as they arise so it does not become trauma.

We need to use our intellect to work with us not against us, we must consciously turn in the direction of our emotions not use our intellect to turn away from emotion. Our intellect can be our worst enemy or our best friend depending on how we use it.

When we focus on using our intellect to heal trauma and be with our emotion it is working for us. When we use it to step away from and not feel emotion it is working against us. Be conscious of where our intellect is taking us. Learning to heal involves using out intellect for us, I explain in depth how to do this and the nature of trauma in my book consciousness increases, which I recommend if you are looking to embark on this journey towards oneness.

Our subconscious, the emotional mind
Our subconscious mind develops in childhood between the ages of 0 and 8, when we are between these ages we are picking up on our environment and learning how to navigate through our emotion.

Our subconscious focuses on what is unseen, it is intuitive and picks up on emotion, directly working with the subconscious helps shape our reality as it runs over 95 percent of our live, our conscious mind is not in the drivers seat, the subconscious mind is, I teach how to address the subconscious mind in my book consciousness increases.

When we work with the subconscious we shape our reality and we can reprogrammed the subconscious to feel oneness and our interconnected nature. The subconscious us very sensitive to repetition, when we repeat patterns it programmes the subconscious mind, when we repeat self love and nurturing it shapes the subconscious to do the same also. Remember our essence comes from oneness and we are here to learn it again.

The law of attraction and emotion
When we believe something is unobtainable or out of reach, we are not a vibrational match to receiving it. When we feel we can obtain what we want and we deserve it we are likely to line up with it in our environment. In fact when we no longer desire what we really want it tends to turn up on our doorstep.

Working towards the feeling of our lives being no better off if we receive what we desire or not we are well on the way to obtaining it. When we don’t expect or desperately need food, it is just there, people in scarcity see food and shelter as unobtainable so they are out of alignment for experiencing it. Shifting our emotional traumas that are in the way of us manifesting is a fast way of getting into alignment with what you desire. Moving into a place of self love will make it easier to feel your life will be ok whether you have what you desire or not will make it more likely to show up in your life. This could be money, possessions or even a romantic partner.

When we shift our emotional set point, what we align with shifts as well. When we carry trauma the law of attraction can work against us and we receive what is unwanted, we can use this as a tool to asses our emotions and make changes through healing these wounds. When we are free of trauma the law of attraction can work in our favour and we use our emotion to navigate and manifest what we desire.

How to approach trauma and emotion
When we have strong emotions or trauma triggers we can often want them to go away. What if we looked at these emotions as working in our favour, to be called up to be healed so we can create a better reality for ourselves. Who looks outside dreams, he who looks inside awakens, carl jung.

When we have a trauma it is looking to be understood and nurtured not pushed away. Like a little child calling up for our attention our traumas are looking to be nurtured, validated and understood. We must go in the direction of these emotions not run away from them, we must go against our learned behaviour that we must move into positive emotion and avoid the unwanted, being with the unwanted leads to great expansion and growth.

Going into positive to escape the negative just keeps us locked in the same patterns of emotion and experiences. We must see our negative emotions as being teachers that give us the opportunity to step into a new way of being and move towards the more expansive feeling of oneness. Self love means honouring our emotions. There is no coming to consciousness without pain, Carl jung. We can heal. I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become, carl jung.

Soul contracts
We can have many soulmate in a lifetime, these people hold significance in our lives and are here to teach us or awaken us to truths about ourselves. Have you ever met someone who brings out the best in you and builds your confidence to follow the path you love, this person may have crossed your path for a reason, soul mates are not always romantic, they can also be friends, soul contracts can be almost anyone who has a significant role in your life, they could be a teacher, someone who loves you and teaches you about love and what it is to be loved, they could even be an abusive partner, this should only be temporary but when we see they have entered our lives to trigger old wounds for healing we can see there relevance in the bigger picture of our life.

Some people also believe in the twin flame connection, if you imagine a river of energy flowing and it branching of into many streams which all flow into individual people, you can looks at this like the energy that connects us all filtering into our individual perspectives, when you get a cluster of streams you could call this a soul family, they may live miles apart but are connected on a soul level, this will magnetically draw these people together and they often have the same mission in life as ourselves as they are all branches of the same Stream of consciousness.

When one stream splits into two and goes into two separate people, this is known as a twin flame relationship and it is where an individual shares the same soul stream as us. When we reach a place of oneness or love with the self and we can then see clearly the same essence in our twin flame that is in the self , this is when these people are known to come together. On a bigger spectrum everything or everyone in the universe is our twin flame because we all originate from this one governing field of energy. Our own level of healing and awareness dictates when these people will come into our lives as the law of attraction is taking place.

When we receive the unwanted from another this may be a soul contract we have with another to help wake us up and grow and expand in awareness and energy.

Giving our life meaning or purpose and seeing things not as random coincidences but divine order helps us not to feel lost in our life, however if someone is damaging to you and you think it is a soul contract this is no incentive to keep them around, take what you need to learn from the relationship and move forward for the next beautiful chapter of your life to emerge , every encounter is either a blessing or a lesson. This does not forgive bad behaviour or ill treatment, always look after yourself first and maintain healthy not abusive or hurtful relationships, always work to wards mending conflict, but when it seems to be going nowhere be ready to do what is best for you. We all have a soul purpose and these people act as catalysts for us to actualize our potential, even if it does not feel like it at the time.

You may or may not believe in soul contracts as it is very metaphysical in nature, however when we begin to feel the significance of people and the experience they create and how this aids our own growth we will begin to give our life path as having meaning or purpose which is so important for our well being and self concept. Spiritual experience should become the norm, we need to integrate the physical and science with the spirit, the quantum field.

We are not aiming to transcend the physical
Many new age and spiritual teachings are talking about transcending our physical reality to experience this state of oneness. I do not think this is what we are here to do, we should be leaning to integrate the physical with the non physical and make our 3D reality a more spiritually healthy place to be.

We can do this by getting in touch with our emotions and transforming trauma into love. We should not be aiming to transcend our physical reality like it is some sort of prison, we should work on shifting it, by working on our emotions which ultimately shifts our reality to be a higher vibrational experience. We need to feel a raw humanness, and not see it as un spiritual to do so. We can transform our own experience of the world by transforming our emotional traumas, we will alter our perception and therefore our vibration and the vibrational level of our reality will match this, if we move into love we attract love, when we move into a state of feeling worthy we attract abundance, the list can go on.

Remembering there are often emotions that exist under the surface in our subconscious mind that we are not aware of which are also attraction points for our manifesting will make us realise why we are not getting the results we are getting will help us to see how turning into direction of the subconscious or the unknown helps shift our awareness, our vibration and our point of attraction.

To be fully conscious is to be fully self aware, this means uncovering all parts of the self, all potentials, we can keep going with this work throughout our life, you could say all realities exist so are all potentials so healing can become a life practice of becoming more aware and more conscious, this works towards making our physical reality a more harmonious and connected place to be, as the more we accept parts of the self the more we accept what and who is in our external world.

The closer to realising that the energy within makes up everything even the empty space between the things we will be very conscious and will feel and create oneness with the world and universe at large. There is a difference between knowing this and feeling it, by looking into the parts we deem as unwanted and transform our emotional trauma through healing the more our feelings will match this knowledge.

People who practice meditation are known to have felt this experience of lack of separation at the world an universe at large, we can use meditation as a tool to expand our awareness of this, and we can do the inner work to move towards experiencing this state in our daily lives. Also seeing our inner universe reflects our outer universe we will see how much we contain the universe we are in which leads to a state of oneness.

The best expansion is created by moving towards what you love.
We are all born into this reality to go on and develop unique gifts, we should not be fighting the current of what we are good at and enjoy. Our positive emotion is an indicator that we are on the right path, we can often fall into meeting other peoples expectations of us and fail to meet our own. Even if what you love seems insignificant compared to another, do it anyway, if it brings you joy, follow that passion.

Our negative emotions are like alarm bells that can tell us that what we are doing is not for us. See your unique individuality come into existence, like a flower blooming, an orchid is different to the rose but they are both unique and beautiful in their own way, see yourself and others this way, accept and nurture differences, and even similarities, both can be beautiful. Our school system often has us trying to fit square pegs into round holes early on in life, we are all squeezed into the same learning style and same curriculum, hopefully in the future schools will begin to see the uniqueness of each individual, and really nurture their talents.

Don’t stress over what you struggle with, nurture what you love to do. Also you do not need to find hidden meaning in everything you do, for example I love to snowboard, which is essentially sliding down a mountain on a board. But in this activity I find most joy. Doing what you love will get you into a state of consciousness which can be called being in the flow, which gets us connected to our essence and our inner child.

Perseverance and the law of attraction
The law of attraction is incredible, when we shift those mental blocks that hold us back from feeling we can obtain what we want, we can put one foot in front of the other to get where we want to be. The law of attraction isn’t a magic pill to the sense that if we want something it will just appear, maybe if we reached an unbelievably high vibration this would be the case, but realistically speaking the law of attraction makes space for action.

Just an example, I love to skateboard, the law of attraction and healing my traumas helped me get to a stage of not having emotional blocks to trying something new. But perseverance has built the muscle memory to make it come naturally, at first I was shaky when my muscles where learning something new, then repetition and perseverance made it ingrained. We all feel this shakiness when we embark on a new endeavour, just know once you begin and work through this feeling you will move into a new state of consciousness where you are learning and with each step it gets better. A traveller may fear the unknown, it is only facing the unknown does it become the known and our confidence will increase to further explore the unknown. The feeling of fear will go from being something daunting to something we know will open doors.

I’m not saying be reckless, be sensible when stepping into the unknown, but know fear is not the enemy, life begins on the outside of our comfort zones.

Life is made for living
I love the baz luhrmann song sunscreen, “use your body, don’t be afraid of it, or what other people think of it, its the best instrument you will ever own.” If you haven’t heard this song I suggest listening to it, it always makes me a little emotional.

We are given this incredible gift we call life, sometimes we are dealt a hand which isn’t favourable, what I want to teach is that happiness and joy isn’t just for the lucky, that working on healing gives everybody the tools to get there. We are incredible, we can achieve amazing things.
Imagine being an astronaut and viewing the earth from space, seeing a planet where every living being you have ever known throughout history have lived. Isn’t that incredible (my dream job) if we can send a man to the moon using less technology than we have on our modern cell phone, think what is possible. Don’t keep yourself small, the world thrives on your greatness.

This is what I feel is so important, that if we have a goal, don’t look at how far away it is, but enjoy the journey. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and you will see your progress, take pleasure in the small achievements they will amount to something big, just think everything in the universe is moving, the planets are spinning and orbiting, light from stars is travelling through space, we don’t want to live life stuck , we want to be like the universe and move, and like the song goes, love tour body, what amazing things we can do, and it just keeping us alive is incredible.

We want to get to our grave thinking wow that was fun, not going what if I did this and that, go, do it! The only thing holding you back is your beliefs, my book consciousness increases teaches you to break free from these mental blocks. When things seem impossible they are, but when obtainable there’s nothing standing in our way.

Cooperation not competition
Blowing out someone’s light doesn’t make yours shine brighter, the only person we should compare ourselves with is the person we where before. See others as inspiration, jealousy stems from a feeling something is unobtainable that another has, this is the same as wanting someone to fail, we are all human and don’t judge yourself if you have felt these things, but know it is not about the other person it is about what you feel is within your reach, when we work on shifting our belief system, the universe has a mystical way of making things achievable.

There is healthy competition, this is where each others success drives us forward to reach our goals, being happy for someone’s achievements and seeing how much it inspires you, will help you gain insight into what you yourself are capable of. People put the effort in and get the results. We can all do this, yes we may have obstacles, but seeing these as hurdles to gradually get through helps us get to where we want. A good thing to do is to, especially if the task is not enjoyable is to give yourself a reward for achieving what you did, this could be something like a dinner at your favourite restaurant to say well done for pushing through the task, inevitably we all have to do things don’t want to, but finding little ways to motivate ourselves can really help, be as kind to yourself as you possibly can, see your own progress and don’t fall into comparing where you are to another, unless this inspires you more than overwhelms you. Remember even the most enlightened person still has to do the washing up.

Make everything a blessing
Things either hurt us, which can teach us what we want and what we dont want, or inspire us, and help us in life. Even the worst situations when healed from create a story and a meaning, our own battles can prepare us to help other people through their own, helping other people shift their vibration is aiding our own expansion as we are all connected, see the world as your team.

We shouldn’t minimise suffering and always say everything happens for a reason, this can be invalidating for someone who is in a lot of pain. Life can be very unfair and somethings happen that are a great tragedy, but humans have a great way of creating meaning and purpose, we should hold onto this. Rather than seeing yourself as just a random mutation caused by evolution, think how perfect and amazing a life that created.

Finding our own personal meaning can help with hardships, this often comes with time, it doesn’t always eradicate the hurt, but it creates self love in times of hardship, where we will accept our humanness, and not see there being anything wrong about our experiences or what lead us to where we are in life, its like a beautiful tapestry, some sections we may prefer to others but without those sections the tapestry would be incomplete. Or even a book or a novel, we may prefer some parts to others but it wouldn’t be the same if we cut parts out.

Also don’t bottle up things that have happened to you, you never know who you are helping by sharing your story, be cautious about who is safe to be open with, but being open can stop us feeling we must live in a state of perfection and is a reminder of the human experience.

When we are feeling stuck
When we are feeling stuck we may have fallen in to comparing ourselves to other people, or we may feel that our life isn’t where we want it to be, this may trigger all sorts of emotions that if left un addressed will prolong our stuckness. To really begin to move forward we can go into these emotions and sit with them, we nurture them like we would a small child, validating that these emotions are completely ok and understandable given our circumstances, we do not make an enemy of our emotions, when that inner child feels understood we can start to work on a resolution, by showing the child how action moves us forward, we could do this by gently explaining it to our inner child and help them to visualise having what they want. When you and your inner child feel ready, you can start to put action in place to achieving your goals, try not to solely focus on the bigger picture, instead of thinking it will never happen, think what can I do now, and work on building the little steps.

Life isn’t always about the destination, we can often become addicted to the idea of a destination and fail to enjoy the little steps along the way that got us there.
When we begin to enjoy the process we will be less addicted to the destination we are aiming for. Every stepping point is a milestone towards where you are going, be kind to yourself every step of the way.

Even on lazy days where we struggle to find that motivation or we just want some time off, we are all deserving of this. If you feel you are grinding away at work and not achieving it, a change in perspective or emotional vibration might be the change you need to see the changes you deserve.

Remember we all have different styles of learning and even different styles of working, don’t worry if your methods differ from another, if they work for you stick at it, also if someone else’s productivity seems to out do your own, also do not be discouraged. sometimes it is quality not quantity that will get us where we want to.

If we are stuck in a job which is a means to an end, keep little projects aside that help you to generate a life you want to be living, its also better we try for these things than do nothing at all, the outcome might surprise you. My best advise is, follow what you love to do, and make a life around that, don’t spend one more minute waiting for the next life, cherish your life and live it doing what you love.

Be with yourself in the journey
People often think that can only be with themselves when they are feeling positive emotions and living a good life, this is not true, the best thing you can do to increase self love is really be there for yourself in all the emotions and experiences you go through, learning to sit with our suffering and not making it wrong or bad leads to personal growth, when we sit with emotions we can transform them, we must not reject parts of ourselves that are having an emotional experience and try and run from it, we must nurture and get to know our emotions, this is how we awaken to our personal truth, by really being with ourselves, sit with and nurture your emotions, I teach you how to do this in an in depth in my book consciousness increases, this will help the law of attraction work in your favour.

When we don’t sit with our emotions, that are still there under the surface, even though we are not paying them attention they are still attraction points for manifesting our reality, when we sit with and nurture these emotions reality will begin to shift for you, in your favour, but this wont happen until we do the work to be present with ourselves, in all of our emotions, not just the positive.

Our true nature
Just like the ocean, and waves in the ocean, we are those waves, all connected to the whole, we live an illusion of separation, what I am trying to teach is how to come back to our true connected nature, we are just parts of the universe experiencing a different perspective which is connected to the whole governing field of energy, which is growing through our growth.

Most children are brought up believing everything is separate, however quantum physics is saying we are very much one, when we realise this, we wont look at a tree the same way, or our neighbour, or even our enemy, we are all waves in this vast sea of energy which makes up everything.

When we realise we are everything in existence, we can no longer shut ourselves off from aspects of ourselves, because the universe acts as a mirror, what is going on out there is a reflection of what is going on inside, to shut things off from ourselves is also to shut off parts of our self, learning self love ultimately leads to connection with others and the world around you, this can be done by following the method I write about in consciousness increases.

Things that annoy us most in other people can teach us the most about what we are not paying attention to or giving time to within the self, when we close the door on people we are closing the door to fragments of our consciousness and ourselves that need our attention and need our healing. When we look at our external world acting like a mirror to our internal state real healing can begin to happen, this means taking time for our so called negative emotions, which are not necessarily negative, the are just emotions we haven’t learned to accept, when we sit with and honour our emotions, we will begin to feel this connection with ourselves and with others, when we reject a personality trait within us, we will find ourselves rejecting that trait in others, learning to go in the direction of these traits and nurture them and bring them closer helps us to bring others closer too .

How our unwanted experiences can create connection and division
When we have an unwanted experience at first it can make us feel isolated and alone, like nobody understands us and our suffering, this can be a very painful and lonely place to be, we can feel as though things will never change and feel stuck in our thoughts about the situation and what other people will think.

When we go in the direction of the emotions which we feel are created in the unwanted experience, we are actually tapping into emotions that where formed in childhood, when our subconscious minds are developing, when we sit with and nurture the inner child we will realise that our unwanted experience was actually a catalyst to make us become aware of what was already lurking beneath the surface, when we nurture these emotions and heal our experiences will no longer feel like emotional trauma coming to the surface, and due to the law of attraction we will be less likely to manifest these experiences into our existence, when we work on being completely present with these traumas, we will feel more connected to the self and see it as a human experience that aided our awareness and our growth which can bring us more connection with others and we will be able to meet others in an empathetic way when we accept ourselves in these times.

We will be able to know how to remedy the situation and be a helping hand to others. The saying you cannot pour from an empty cup has its truths, a drowning person isn’t going to be able to help someone else who is drowning unless one of them gets to safety first, we must start to pay attention to our unwanted emotions, accept them and see them as completely natural. Many people use addiction to try and keep themselves out of unwanted emotions, but making those emotions completely acceptable and understandable given our circumstances helps stop addictive behaviour and will also make us more aligned with what we desire.

We are all one
When you realise the underlying field, the quantum field connects us all you will realise there is no separation between people, the separation we feel is a psychological construct routed in our programming and our traumas, on a quantum level we are connected to everything and everyone in this universe, going in the direction of our traumas which has us in a state of disconnect will help us to actualise our true connected nature, see yourself as a child of the universe, not just a select few you call friends or family, you belong to the universe in the same way the universe belongs to you, see no division from those who differ from you.

Realise that it is childhood programming and cultural conditioning which has us feeling disconnected from others. Getting to know yourself, your belief systems and where they where imprinted is a path of self discovery and is the path to awakening. There is no greater feeling than feeling connected to all that is.

Realising we are not born to be independent, that infact interdependence is the true nature of our species, where community living is how we evolved, it is only in modern years that we have begun to separate ourselves from one and other and see independence as a way forward. Nobody is independent, for you to eat you depend on the farmer, even if you live off grid you have a symbiotic relationship where you depend on the earth. This is something natural, we work best when working in harmony with our environment and people in our environment.

Looking after the earth is the same as looking after our health, we depend on the earth for our survival. An unhealthy earth leads to an unhealthy society.

When we are in nature we can feel this connection to everything, we do not have conditioning that holds us back from this, what i am teaching is how to feel this connection with everyone and everything, to eliminate the feeling of separation.
Underneath everything is love
Underneath all the pain and suffering is love, the natural state of the universe is love, when we address our suffering we fill that space with love and feel connection. Our interconnected nature happens when we fill those spaces filled with suffering, and all that is left is love. Love isn’t so much something we climb to, but something we dig to, we dig deep into our suffering and sit with it, so an alchemical process can take place where it is transformed into love and acceptance, this is when we can truly love and accept all that is. By accepting and loving all that is within the self. This is a journey of unravelling the layers of built up conditioning that has us in a state of disconnect.
We are conditioned into disconnection we can condition or heal our way out of it. When this happens on an individual level, it will start to happen on a global level, the trick isn’t fighting what is out there, but what is inside, the war within when healed will heal the war without.
When perceptions change, so does our reality. The double alit experiment in quantum physics is showing us how we create our reality and a universe governed by matching frequencies and that is how we manifest shows us the importance of focusing on our emotions. I hope this book is an eye opener for you to create the reality you wish to see, all the best,
The author
Josephine Atikari