The Chinese call vital energy Chi.
The seven layers of the auric body field are called: the ketheric body, the celestial body which is on the spiritual plane, the etheric template, the astral body which is on the astral plane, the mental body(lower mental aspect), emotional body (lower emotional aspect) which is on the physical plane and the etheric body.
A brief outline of the etheric body is:
A state between matter and energy consisting of tiny lines of energy. Similar to those found on a TV screen.
These are the following characteristics of this layer: its structure is the same as the physical body including all its organs and anatomical parts.
It provides a blueprint for the physical matter of the body tissues.
It varies from colours such as light blue to grey.
It pulsates at 15 to 20 cycles per minute. It extends from one quarter to two inches beyond the physical body.

A brief outline of the astral body is: It has no fixed shape, it consists of clouds of colour, similar to that of the emotional layer.
It is dominated by a rose pink colour.
It extends from six inches to a foot away from the physical body.
It bridges the gap between the upper three spiritual layers and the lower three auric layers.
The heart chakra is the transformer between the two general levels.
Barbara Ann Brennan tells us that spiritual energy has to pass through the fire of the heart to be transformed into lower physical energies, and physical energies must pass through the fire of the heart to become spiritual energies.
A brief outline of the celestial body is:
It is referred to as the emotional level of the spiritual plane.
It extends from two to two and three quarter feet from the physical body.
Spiritual ecstasy is experienced here.
This is the experience level of unconditional love in that the heart chakra is connected through all the layers.
It appears as opalescent and shimmering light.
It radiates like a glow around a candle, there is no body shape to it.

The frontal aspects of the chakras are related to: a persons feelings.its counterpart on the back of the body together they form front and rear aspects of a chakra. They correspond with the main nerve plexuses.
The back aspects of the chakras are related to a persons will.
The organ on the body that the sacral chakra corresponds with is the reproductive organs.
An outline of the functioning of the chakra system is: they are openings for energy to flow in and out of the aura. Therefore it exchanges energy with UEF. The energy is experienced in terms of seeing, feeling, hearing, sensing, intuiting or direct knowing because it is associated with a form of consciousness. Higher frequency energy is translated through the chakras into glandular hormonal out put which affects the entirety of the physical body.

It is important to open the chakras and increase the flow of energy, the more energy flow the healthier the human system.

An imbalance of energy causes illness. A lack of energy flow leads to disease. It dampens feelings and distorts perceptions interfering with the experience of a full life.
Chakras originate at the level of the etheric body, they are connected to the physical cellular structure via dine subtle energetic channels, referred to as auric fibres or nadis. They distribute the life force of energy of each chakra into the physical body.
The channels are interconnected with the nervous system, and effect the nature and quality of nerve transmission in the central nervous system. Dysfunction of the chakra system and nadis can cause pathological changes in the nervous system.